How to make BITCOINS with Website (blog) links

This is a simple way to make some passive bitcoins from your download links or general redirect links on your blog or website.

This involves two website. I trust one very much, it has been around for some time now but not stable so I trying out the second one also but I would be giving you links to all two websites.

If You don't have Bitcoin account Kindly Visit BlockChain   or Block chain Here
and create an account. There other bitcoin account providers. Coin base and others are also available but it is not wise to save bitcoin in an exchange.

  1. Coint Url 
Visit the website and create an account with them. Once done Verify and activate account via e-mail sent . Logo into your account and start shortening Your links in the bar provided .
Coin URL provided the best payment I know so far, and your money is measured in bitcoins instead of USD so you enjoy increase in Bitcoin and also suffer from bitcoin drop.
Their withdrawal thresh Hold is 0.01 BTC so you know you are making much from your links since at of 21/08/2017 0.01 BTC is worth 40 USD.
Goto Coin URL and create your account now to enjoy bitcoin payments.

2. Met

This is a new site I am now using to support the unstable coin url...
This site also easy to use but money is a saved in USd and withdrawal at 5 USD.
I have not used much of this site so but it seems cool.
Goto to Met to create account and use them.

Note: You should google search on the and search if they are scam before creating account and using them.
I am not to be held responsible to and fraudulent activity from these sites and and legal issues that may come up upon using the above sites.

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