Get More Or Free Bitcoins :The Easy Way



If you are reading this I do not think there is a need to explain to you what Bitcoin is or what Cryptocurrency is. If you want to know more about Bitcoin read and watch the video on this page "Bitcoin Org" and "CryptoCurrency".

I know most do not even care, all they want is to make money.

For total starters you would first need a Bitcoin address which should not be that difficult to create on BlockChain. 

Note that you need to go to settings and backup you data and save the phrases into your email/ google drive/any place secure and easy to access for in case you forget your blockchain password.

Now to get the Free Bitcoins or Easy Money, You would have to mine Monero.
This Monero is a Cryptocurrecy just like Bitcoin.

What makes this Unique is that, it is easy very generate and it does not consume a lot of energy.

Things needed for this are:
  • Monero Wallet
  • Brains and Ability to follow simple instructions
  • Bitcoin wallet ( if you would be changing Your monero for Bitcoin).


Creating Monero wallet should not be that difficult but remembering your password is.
  • Click on create "Create an Account" button

  • Scroll to the lover part of the page, Copy all the private login keys to text box right below it. Note that is also your password which can not be reset so copy it somewhere safe. eg: Into Your e-mail, dropbox, googledrive.

  • Click on the button to login
Your Wallet in now created. 


To start mining this currency, head to Coin Hive or Coin-hive and create a account there .
  • For those without any website, Click on the start button to start minging.
  • If you happen to own a fast Computer, You can increase the threads.
  • Those with websites or blogs could use the link shortening  tool and/or the other API available.
  • Chrome users could also use this Coin hive extension Extension 1  Extension 2
  • Firefox users can also use this add-on Add-on 1 or Add-on 2
  • To Cash out your money from Coin hive, copy your wallet address from your mymonero wallet to coin hive.
Have fun Mining Monero in your browser and do not forget you can mine in your phone's browser as well. 

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