Glo Free Browsing 2018: PC and Phone

Glo Free Browsing 2018: PC and Phone


There is this awesome glo FBT going using PDANET+ and it is awesome, but it uses different Apps for bypassing the system which I find to be very annoying. So I decided to use the same old psiphon pro for android with settings I got from Droidpeepz Blog admin.

Those of you who already got the GLO fbt working on your android phone with the app you are comfortable with should follow this first tut.

The Only things You need now are

 i. USB cable that can transmit data( not the type that charges the phone but the one you can transfer file between your computer and phone with).

ii. Download PDANET+ from Link one or Link Two 

iii. Read the disclaimer page


i. Set your android USB connection to USB Debugger in setting >> Developer >> thick the USB Debugger box

ii. Connect your Phone to PC via USB cable and install the PDANET+ one your computer.

ii. During the installation on the PC with the phone connected, PDANET+ will ask permission on the phone. Thick the always allow box and tap on OK to continue.

iii. PDANET+ will install it's app on Your android device. Note that this app may be hidden on some device and You should find a way to fix that on your own.

iv. Now that the installation is  complete, Open Psiphon on your mobile device and tap on start. wait for it to connect.

v. Open the PdaNet app on your android device and check the "USB Tether" box.

vi. Click on the PdaNet app in the System tray of your PC and click "connect USB" or the first option.

vii. Wait for the two devices to connect (you will get notification from your PdaNet in the system tray). Open browser on your pc and visit google to test the network.

First timers should start here.
Things needed:
i. psiphon Pro apk Link 1or link 2
ii. Read Disclaimer


i. As per what I got from Onyinah : GotoOptions >> More Options >> Click on Custom Headers

ii. set header Name to X-Online-Host

iii. Set Header value to

iv. Save and connect.

Now follow the first tut to use it for PC. 

If all fails for you, You could still use the Proximitron and Proxifer settings these files Link 1 or Link two

Just open them on pc with Glo internet and enjoy.
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Get More Or Free Bitcoins :The Easy Way

Get More Or Free Bitcoins :The Easy Way



If you are reading this I do not think there is a need to explain to you what Bitcoin is or what Cryptocurrency is. If you want to know more about Bitcoin read and watch the video on this page "Bitcoin Org" and "CryptoCurrency".

I know most do not even care, all they want is to make money.

For total starters you would first need a Bitcoin address which should not be that difficult to create on BlockChain. 

Note that you need to go to settings and backup you data and save the phrases into your email/ google drive/any place secure and easy to access for in case you forget your blockchain password.

Now to get the Free Bitcoins or Easy Money, You would have to mine Monero.
This Monero is a Cryptocurrecy just like Bitcoin.

What makes this Unique is that, it is easy very generate and it does not consume a lot of energy.

Things needed for this are:
  • Monero Wallet
  • Brains and Ability to follow simple instructions
  • Bitcoin wallet ( if you would be changing Your monero for Bitcoin).


Creating Monero wallet should not be that difficult but remembering your password is.
  • Click on create "Create an Account" button

  • Scroll to the lover part of the page, Copy all the private login keys to text box right below it. Note that is also your password which can not be reset so copy it somewhere safe. eg: Into Your e-mail, dropbox, googledrive.

  • Click on the button to login
Your Wallet in now created. 


To start mining this currency, head to Coin Hive or Coin-hive and create a account there .
  • For those without any website, Click on the start button to start minging.
  • If you happen to own a fast Computer, You can increase the threads.
  • Those with websites or blogs could use the link shortening  tool and/or the other API available.
  • Chrome users could also use this Coin hive extension Extension 1  Extension 2
  • Firefox users can also use this add-on Add-on 1 or Add-on 2
  • To Cash out your money from Coin hive, copy your wallet address from your mymonero wallet to coin hive.
Have fun Mining Monero in your browser and do not forget you can mine in your phone's browser as well. 

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Things needed:
  • Psiphon for pc . Download from their officail website  get Psiphon  or psiphon download
  • Modem or wingle (the key word here is Modem)... Don't have a Modem? Then wait till the non Modem tuts comes out.
  • You need your head.
  1. With your modem inserted in to your computer, CMD or command Prompt as Administrator
  2. Type in ->     ping
  3. Open psiphon and Click on Connect. It really takes time to connect and you might even get an "unable to connect" message but wait till it connects
Incase you are having problems using it in your browser after connection, Just follow this method:
Should work fine with chrome but firefox might have a small problem 
  1. Goto options =>> Find the network and connection configuration=>> check Use system proxy =>> click "Ok"
You can now use your browser like a normal FBT user.
To use in IDM :: Internet Download Manager
  1.  Click on Options
  2. Proxy/Socks
  3. Get From IE
  4. click okay
Movie download sites this works with:
Download Programming Tutorials :
Download Games from
Download PC software from


Iphone users could try following by downloading the iphone app also but would have to skip some stepps.

Things Needed:
  1. Install and open app... Select tunnel whole device
  2. Type
  3. Close emulator and Bundel 50p data
  4. Connect psiphon and consume data
  5. Reconnect after data is finished and psiphon disconnects.
 It does not work for everyone, so Do not beat yourself if it does not work for you.

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  Following this tutorial could mess up Your device for good. You are to follow this tutorial at your own risk. I would try to help where I can but I will Not Be Held Responsible for any problem that may occur by following following tutorial or any tutorial on this Blog. You are to know that this is for educational purpose only and you are not advised to try since I do not know if Unlocking the device in Your country is legal or not.

There are different versions for this Boost Even M028T device and I am only going to write on L02B and L02C with 17 XXX ( As Described by Droid Mobi ).

For those using the Busy 4G You will notice the difference in the change in design of the device.



The First one is basically an L02B and Second L02C 17 XXX.

Things needed:
  1. Windows OS (Win & and Up recommended)
  2. Unlock Files ...  L02B File   / Mirror Link
  3. Password Here // Mirror Link
  4. Your attention


  1. Unzip the WTPTP file in the downloaded file. 
  2. Go into the folder and run either files... The x64 is for 64Bit Os and the other is for 32 bit Os. 
  3. Click on install to install or update the driver 
  4. Go back to the Folder and unrar the "LTE_MIFI_GENERIC_DRIVER".
  5. Press on the Windows Key and search for Device manager ( Or follow any short cut you know to get to device manager).
  6. Select the First Item and click on "Action" on the Menu.
  7. Click on "Add legacy device".
  8. Select " Install the hardware that I manually select from a list (Advance) " and click Next.
  9. Click "Have Disk" then Browser. Locate and select the " LTE MIFI Generic" folder.
  10. Windows7 and above would automatically select the file with 7 to it... Click on next And start the installation.
  11. After Installation Success, Check the Ports Section in the Device manager list , You should see "Marvel AT Interface(COM<number here>)".



Take out the battery from the device and don't connect till You click on a flash icon. Disconnect on every successful run. 
  1. You can skip this if you wish to... But would be safer not to skip.
  2. Unzip the Uganda file
  3. Run the SWDownloader File
  4. Click on the File Icon to browse for the Firmware
  5. Select the SWDownloader File in the SWD Folder
  6. Check All the box and Check "erase and flash' in options on the menu
  7. Click on the Green Bulb icon to start flashing 
  8. At this point stop Messing around and focus.. Disconnect device as soon as you see "Erase All Flash Done"
  9. Unzip the "L02HSUNXXX" File and run the SWDownloader file in there
  10. Follow Similar processes as the first, click on flash (green bulb ) then connect device without battery. Let it flash to the end with this one.
  11. This would be similar on success.
  12. Unzip the "L02b M028T Vodafone Cameroon" file and follow as the others
  13. Allow it to run till the end to successfully flash the new Firmware
  14. Now insert a Sim from different Network and power on
  15. There Device SSID should be "smartBro" Connect either via wifi or With USB cable and goto this address in browser
  16. Device Unlock code is 123456
  17. Allow device to load
  18. IMEI and Mac should be intact
  19. Network and firmware should be intact as well.   Your device is now unlocked. 


This process corrupt the IMEI which has it's own issues and discomforts after proceeding.
To use with less problem then You not put any password on the SSID.. which means anyone can connect and use the connection, A way around this is to limit the number of users to 1 or 2 else you use password and face discomfort.
Some of the discomforts are: The device keeps rebooting anytime the service is very poor.
You could have to connect the device to PC via USB cable to change the SSID anytime the device reboots.


  1. Download this file:  Unlock File   /  Mirror Link
  2. Password:  Here   /  Mirror Link
  3. Attention

  1. Follow the driver installation procedure above.
  2. Unrar the MIFITool1.0.0.3 
  3. Run the file 
  4. Hope You noted the COM number attached to the driver, You would need it here. You can go back and check
  5. Insert New IMEI (111111111111111).. Note that this would corrupt the Imei.
  6. Read Imei... If You get error then It worked
  7. Change the Sim in the Device and power on
  8. Follow this to change setting
  9. Change the SSID Name to start Using.

  1. All Done You can now unlock you Busy Mifi  M028T or Shanghai Boot Even mifi M028t all Variance For free.

    Credit to Droid Peeps and His team for this Tut. 
    Extended and modified By  me and Tested by Tips and Tricks and Programmers Pub Members...

    Do not forget to share ....

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Sites Giving Free Game Development Resources ( Graphics and audio )

Sites Giving Free Game Development Resources ( Graphics and audio )

Sites Giving Free Game Development Resources

 ( Graphics and audio )


1.   Kenney:      is based in the Netherlands and is producing some fantastic art for game developers.   There are some really cool free assets on this site which have been made part of the public domain, meaning you can do anything you want with them. The free game graphics can be browsed according to their category so you can find your game art really quickly.  Kenney also makes sounds and game sources available for free which could also be pretty useful for some readers. On top of all that, it’s a really beautifully designed site.

2.   OpenGameArt :  This website has to be first on anyone’s list of places to go in search of free game graphics. OpenGameArt is a large site offering all kinds of graphics and even has a selection of sounds for game devs to use.  It can be browsed according to category and all of the art is clearly displayed. It has a huge selection of 2D and 3D elements and is also home to a very active forum. The site is constantly being updated with content from its users and is ranked so you can find the most popular graphics of the month or go in search of some lesser used assets.

3.  UnTamed Wild: This site is a huge resource of free game graphics for anyone looking to make their own RPG. is home to Sithjester’s RMXP resources, a collection of image assets that are free to download and use how you like. The highlight of this site is the giant collection of 2D game sprites that you can browse all on one page. Clicking on a character you like brings you to a webpage where you can download a .png of the character from all angles, perfect for making your own sprites!

4.  Itch:   This collection of image and sound assets is brought to you by Crateboy. The best part of this collection is the 8 bit city resource files. Crateboy advertises that there will be enough 16×16 tiles for you to build an entire city and there really are. This is some really great work and all Crateboy asks is that you credit him in your game. If you end up using these tiles a lot he also accepts a ‘pay what you like’ option. The use of colour tone in this artwork really makes it stand out from the crowd and could really help to define the look of your project.

5.  Open Game GraphicsOpenGameGraphics gathers the best free to use game assets from all over the internet. All the featured assets can be used in private and commercial projects. Everything is categorized neatly and browsing as well as downloading is fast and easy. As a special note, their collection of full game assets is fantastic. Asset collections can pretty much be used to create a full game with. On top of all that, the site is continually being updated with fresh game asset awesomeness.

6.  Game Art 2DGameart2d is home to some amazing image assets. This website is run by Zuhira Alfitra a.k.a pzUH. He’s an Indonesian game developer with a real eye for great game graphics. The majority of the assets on this site are for sale but there is a freebies section where you’ll find more images like those featured above. As well as these sprites, there is also a selection of tilesets, GUI assets and many more assorted images for you to choose from. They’re also completely free.

 7.  Wigdet Worx: If you need some sprites for your game, you should check out this website. Wigdetworx has made a great collection of static and animated sprites available for free in the SpriteLib project. While it’s not the biggest collection of sprites in this list, there is definitely something here for everyone. The pack includes a plethora of landscapes and characters that would look at home in any 2d game. All it takes is a click to download, so why not browse the assets yourself and get some free game graphics.

8.  Glitch The Game:  Some readers will know Glitch as the web-based, collaborative, massively multiplayer game. Having been shut down in 2012 after two years online, the game’s developers have decided to release the game’s artwork into the public domain. There are over 10,000 assets to download and they’re all amazing quality. If you already like the look of these graphics, you’re in luck as you can download the entire package with one click and peruse them for yourself offline.

9.  Dumb Anex: is another site that has made some really cool artwork available to game developers. It’s all free to use as long as you credit them somewhere in your game. Dumb anex has a really rich collection of sprites and tilesets on this site and a lot of them can be downloaded quickly in .zip format. This site is run by Brent Anderson, who works professionally as a freelance game designer and developer. These free game graphics would be perfect for a mobile sidescroller or platformer.

 10.   Reiners Tiles Sets: This website is run by Reiner “Tiles” Prokein and is brimming with free assets for game developers. Reiner himself is a hobby game developer who has produced a number of games. When he started out developing he couldn’t find the graphics he wanted, so he started making them himself. Ever since then he’s been sharing them online and they’re all available to you to use for free. He’s got a great selection of 2D and 3D images as well as some brilliant tutorials.

11.   Sharecg : is primarily a site for artists to upload and share their work. It’s really worth a look if you’re after 3D or 2D art or if you want to find an artist to work with on some new ideas. The art is licensed under different terms so it’s important to check and make sure it can be used freely before you incorporate it into your games. There’s some really great indie art showcased on this site and you can also find tutorials, audio and software to use. Share CG

12.  Blog o Scoped: Now it’s time for something completely different. The next site on our list is actually a blog about Google and everything related to Google. So then why is it included on our list? It’s included because in 2006 blog contributor, Philip Lenssen, posted a collection of almost 700 game sprites that you can use under a Creative Commons License. The sprites are all character avatars from a game he was working on called ‘Last Guardian’. If you’re working on something that looks similar, then you definitely should check his stuff out.

 13.   Lost Garden : is a little bit different to most of the other sites featured in this article. It’s the blog of Daniel Cook, a game designer working for Spry Fox. Daniel dedicates a section of his blog to game art and likes to update it periodically with free game art for developers. This site is also home to some great essays on game design in general and it would definitely be worth a look, if not to gain the insight of an industry professional, then purely for interest’s sake. Lost Garden

 14.   Subtle Patterns: offers some of the most beautiful work out of all the websites listed in this article. This website is run by Atle Mo, who designs and curates patterns for the site. He has made all of these wonderful patterns available to use under a creative commons license, so all you have to do is provide him with some credit in exchange for using his patterns. There is a lot of content on this site and it’s all of a very high standard. These patterns would make great UI backgrounds or could even be used in your game levels. Subtle Patterns

 15. Open Clip Art:   The great thing about this website is that absolutely every piece of art that they share is completely free to use in every way. is a great community dedicated to sharing free art to everyone that wants it. But let’s not forget the art itself. There’s some really great looking clipart on this site and a lot of it would definitely look at home in your next 2D game. Another great feature of this website is that you can make requests of the users and get tailor made clipart.

16.   Craft Pix : is a game asset online store, which provides graphics for creating video games. You will find Free and Premium game assets, GUI (graphical user interface), Tilesets (sets of textures and sprites for game levels), Character Sprites (characters in different variations, i.e. running, jumping, etc.), and Game Backgrounds suited to every fancy on their site.Craft Pix
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