Hacking is the act of seeking and exploiting weakness in a computer system or network.  A hacker is the person who seeks and exploits weaknesses in the computer system and network.

I am not a hacker but it is logic that hackers love using operating systems that are favourable for hacking. Such favourable OS have pre-installed programs the boost the hacking processes .

The following are some operating systems used by hackers all over the world.

1. Kali Linux - http:

2. BackBox -

3. DEFT -

4. Live Hacking OS -

5. Samurai Web Security Framework -

6. Network Security Tool Kit -

7. Parrot-sec Forensic OS –

8. Bugtraq -

9. Nodezero -

10. Pentoo -

11. Gnacktrack -

Have fun downloading and hacking!

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