This post is for those of you whose are total Novices in porting Roms and for experts who want to port Rom on the go.

Miele Ottavio tools has made this awesome app for porting Roms to MTK devices. This app can also help fix bootloop in Roms.

How it works:

The process involved in automated, just check the box for what you want to be done and the tool will port and send the ported Rom to the root of your SD so when done you just have to boot in to recovery mod.

  1. Open the app and tap choose Rom
  2. Select the Rom
  3. Choose chipset
  4. Depending the Rom check "Port boo.img (root)",check "Adapt/dev/block", and for safety don't check "delete source Rom"
  5. Tap "Port Rom to your device!"
  6. When done check it in your SD and be sure to look at the Rom size to be sure it is okay.
  7. Boot into Recovery Mod and backup your current Rom.
  8. Install Rom according to instruction from your developer.
If you want the app to follow a different porting structure to fix certain just follow the following:

  1.  Create a folder in the Root of your SD (do not place it in any folder)
  2. Name it "MTKTransfROM"
  3. Use any text editor ( I recommend ES FILE MANAGER create folder and file)
  4. system/bin/vold(copy file from your device)
  5. system/etc/(copy entire directory, replacing with existing files)  
  6. you can use this in place of 2   "system/etc/(First delete Rom folder and then copy entire folder)
  7. system/libaudio*(copy all files that starts with libaudio...)
  8. Save the the file as "any name you want.txt"
  9. save it to the created folder.
  10. Example of file directory "/storage/sdcard0/MTKTransfROM/mt6582.txt"
Hopefully this your Rom will port and install successfully

This the link google drive :HERE      playstore: HERE


IYKE of www.droidpeepz.blogspot.com

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