These are some android hacking apps for 2015 and their awesome.

1.  WHATSAPP SNIFFER:      This is app or software sniffs/steals traffic of whatsapp chats which are on the Wi-Fi network same as you. This App works great and the app has the ability to change messages which are being sent. Download PC version Here

2.  SpoofApp: This fun having app can place call with a different caller ID, the receiver will see the new number only. Available to android and iphone. 

3. AndroRat: This is short for Remote Administration Tool For Android, which helps one to control Phones or android devices without physical contact. Download from onhax.

4. Hackode: This is my favorite but because this list is not in any order I can put it here.

5.  WIFI KILL: This has been discontinued and taken off Play store... Download the APK from the link provided and Disconnect anyone on the same wifi as you. 

Also: Some Best Hacking tools for windows Pc

6.  DroidSheep: This can be used by anyone using android device. The app is used to test the security level of your accounts. The maker coded it as part of his Thesis on session Hijacking on android devices. Can be used fun messing up the Internet experience of user on the same wifi connect as you.

7. dSploit: This is one crazy tool box full of almost everything needed to hack on android devices.

Disclaimer: This is for Educational Use only and I am not to be held responsible for what ever that happens to the users device or how the user uses the information here. kindly read the disclaimer page for more details.

Have fun and Share

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