Hacking has become an integral part of the cyber society due mainly to the fact that people try to better the services or cyber products being offered so try to break into the service or product to know how secure it is.

Hackers have been breaking codes, some for good reasons and others for bad reasons. It is good to know how secure your product is so try out some of the most used hacking tools available for Windows Pc and find out for Yourself.

  •  Nmap/ Network Maper:     

    This tool is pretty simple and efficient. It uses viscous IP scanning means to check open ports, service up time, and many other important network scans.  It also supports Mac OSx

  •  Metasploit:   

    This find weakness in the network and makes backdoors to it ones one is found. There is a free version and Pro version. Download what you will feel conformable with. 

  •  Cain and Abel: 
    This is a password recovery tool for sniffing and cracking passwords of networks.

  •  Angry IP Scanner:   
    This is a light tool for scanning IP address for open doors and ports. Available on Linux,Windows, and Mac.

  • John the Ripper:   
    This use Dictionary attack to crack passwords. It takes strings from word list which is made up of common and complex passwords and tests them to the password it is cracking till it gains access or cracks it. 

  • Acunetix:  
    This is my favorite vulnerability scanner. It scans a website and gives all possible vulnerability with attack strategy.  

  • THC Hydra:  
    This is not another password cracker but a simple - sophisticated cracker which supports many protocols and combinations. 

  • AirCrack-ng: 
    This is a very useful tool for cracking WEP and WPA-PSK wifi. It has mass loyal followers which range from pro to N00bs.

  • Burp Suite:  
    This has two popular tools within, one for scanning and the other for performing automated attacks, namely Spider and Intruder. 

Do note that this post is for educational purpose only and not trying to arm anyone. Kindly read Disclaimer page.

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