Glo Free Browsing 2018: PC and Phone


There is this awesome glo FBT going using PDANET+ and it is awesome, but it uses different Apps for bypassing the system which I find to be very annoying. So I decided to use the same old psiphon pro for android with settings I got from Droidpeepz Blog admin.

Those of you who already got the GLO fbt working on your android phone with the app you are comfortable with should follow this first tut.

The Only things You need now are

 i. USB cable that can transmit data( not the type that charges the phone but the one you can transfer file between your computer and phone with).

ii. Download PDANET+ from Link one or Link Two 

iii. Read the disclaimer page


i. Set your android USB connection to USB Debugger in setting >> Developer >> thick the USB Debugger box

ii. Connect your Phone to PC via USB cable and install the PDANET+ one your computer.

ii. During the installation on the PC with the phone connected, PDANET+ will ask permission on the phone. Thick the always allow box and tap on OK to continue.

iii. PDANET+ will install it's app on Your android device. Note that this app may be hidden on some device and You should find a way to fix that on your own.

iv. Now that the installation is  complete, Open Psiphon on your mobile device and tap on start. wait for it to connect.

v. Open the PdaNet app on your android device and check the "USB Tether" box.

vi. Click on the PdaNet app in the System tray of your PC and click "connect USB" or the first option.

vii. Wait for the two devices to connect (you will get notification from your PdaNet in the system tray). Open browser on your pc and visit google to test the network.

First timers should start here.
Things needed:
i. psiphon Pro apk Link 1or link 2
ii. Read Disclaimer


i. As per what I got from Onyinah : GotoOptions >> More Options >> Click on Custom Headers

ii. set header Name to X-Online-Host

iii. Set Header value to

iv. Save and connect.

Now follow the first tut to use it for PC. 

If all fails for you, You could still use the Proximitron and Proxifer settings these files Link 1 or Link two

Just open them on pc with Glo internet and enjoy.

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